the volcano ejected ash

emit, spew out, discharge, give off, send out, belch, vent; expel, release, disgorge, spout, vomit, throw up

the pilot had time to eject

bail out, escape, get out

they were ejected from the hall

expel, throw out, turn out, cast out, remove, oust; evict, banish; informal kick out, boot out, chuck out, give someone the bum's rush

he was ejected from his post

dismiss, remove, discharge, oust, expel, ax, throw out, force out, drive out; informal sack, fire, send packing, boot out, kick out, chuck out, give someone their marching orders, show someone the door
eject, dismiss, evict, expel, oust
Want to get rid of someone? You can eject him or her, which means to throw or cast out (he was ejected from the meeting room). If you hope the person never comes back, use expel, a verb that suggests driving someone out of a country, an organization, etc., for all time (to be expelled from school); it can also imply the use of voluntary force (to expel air from the lungs). If you exercise force or the power of law to get rid of someone or something, oust is the correct verb (ousted after less than two years in office). If as a property owner you are turning someone out of a house or a place of business, you'll want to evict the person (she was evicted for not paying the rent). Dismiss is by far the mildest of these terms, suggesting that you are rejecting or refusing to consider someone or something (to dismiss a legal case). It is also commonly used of loss of employment (dismissed from his job for excessive tardiness).

Thesaurus of popular words. 2014.

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